Manomano reviews : Is it reliable ? Consumer feedback !

✅ Benefits:

  • Wide variety of products
  • Thousands of brands
  • Ease of use
  • Secure payment

⛔️ Disadvantages:

  • Possibility of late delivery
  • Shipping costs may be high

Manomano is before an global platform site like Amazon or Aliexpress, but the products on sale are exclusively DIY materials, decoration, gardening.

Rates are affordable in this marketplace. The basic principle is to facilitate your projects of design, home customization, homemade do-it-yourself works and deco consumers. The site has selected the most sought after and most useful products from high-end brands.

Manomano review in united kingdom
Manomano acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. The site does not have a warehouse, all products are sent directly to buyers by sellers.

For more precision, you order on the site, it transmits the request to the seller who will then send the product home. Here is our opinion on this well known site and today very used.

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Manomano overview : how to buy on ?

Manomano was launched in 2013 with a little known name, The design was still simplistic, and, but that did not stop users from buying their materials online.

Later, the name becomes Manomano and it is growing on the web, because the sellers with whom it collaborates are marks of quality. Today, Manomano has another face, a more modern interface, and more enjoyable. This makes it easier to use, especially when placing orders.

Wild category of products: tools, garden accessories for outdoor and house

To buy on Manomano, the steps are a breeze:

The products on sale are classified under several categories: garden and pool, tools, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, plumbing, sanitary, heating, electricity, lighting, flooring and wall, hardware, building materials and pet shop.

To search for a product, you can click on the corresponding category, or enter a keyword in the search bar. You still have subcategories, for example, in the Garden and Pool category, you have garden furniture and games to see the hammocks and umbrellas.

Top sales of products diy you can find on manomano

Click on the product you are looking for and you will see all the information about the product in question. You add to the cart if the product suits you and add others before placing the order. Finally click on validate my cart and follow the instructions to finalize your order.

“Call the deliverer before delivery and unpacking the bath. Product conform to the picture and delivered with these 5 feet of adjustment. Ideal for taking a shower and bath for children only, because for the size that I selected 170 cm x 70 cm the bottom of the bath remains narrow.”, Diana – Feedback of consumer about Manomano

Reviews about the quality of the products available on Manomano

This marketplace is one of the most complete sites in terms of products for sale. You will see everything you need. The products are very varied, they come from the best brands of manufacture. The most important question many people are asking is : is it reliable to buy on Manomano ?

Trustpilot reviews about manomano : consumer share their feedback after buying
Trustpilot reviews about manomano : consumer share their feedback after buying

As an intermediary, Manomano does not offer products in stock, they are still in the warehouses of the manufacturer-seller. Products accepted on the site are subject to strict rules.

Manomano selects these products according to their quality and the reliability of the seller. Today, individuals and companies buy their materials on this site, and so far, opinions are still mostly positive.

Manomano delivery fees for shipping in United Kingdom

On Manomano, delivery costs are not the same for all products. Two main criteria are at stake:

The destination of the package: for example, the costs to Virgin Islands are more important than the costs to United Kingdom. The quantity of products to be shipped: if you have a lot of products in your basket, the costs are of course higher.

Testimonials, reviews and feedback from customers about Manomano

You must also take into account the shipping costs that you can see on the site, in Delivery of your purchases. The delivery method may also affect the delivery charge. Existing modes are:

  • Standard
  • Express
  • Relay point

If you ordered several products of different brands, the shippers are different, which also delays the delivery and affects the delivery costs.

Here’s what users think:

“Shipping costs are exorbitant, I ordered two products, but still! “

“Delivery on time, affordable fees, I recommend”.

What about the consumer satisfaction : is there any follow-up by Manomano ?

The Manomano customer has the right to return a product under certain conditions. The reason must first be valid, the withdrawal, the receipt of defective product or not in accordance with the description, the receipt of incomplete product.

He is also entitled to a minimum guarantee of 2 years on each product. It should be noted that if the product is defective, the problem must not have been created by the user himself.

Brands tools DIY products available on Manomano England

As for the non-compliant product, it concerns the size, the color, the number, the operations. If you notice any problems on reception or disappointment during use, you can immediately contact the customer service who will put you in contact with the seller. Some sellers offer after-sales service.

Are payments on safe ?

You are entitled to several payment methods on Manomano: credit card (credit card, MasterCard Visa), checks, bank transfer, and online.

Manomano is on TV : medias recommend the platform as the amazon of do-it-yourself
Manomano is on TV : medias recommend the platform as “the Amazon of do-it-yourself”

The withdrawal period applied is 14 days and Manomano offers a payment facility on certain products, under the agreement of the seller, 3 payments without fees. Payment is secured by innovative software.

Delivery and process of shipping if you order through Manomano

As the shipping and delivery are done by the sellers, delivery times are random. Nevertheless, the site imposes a standard delivery period in order not to disappoint the customers.

The products can be delivered in England, France, Spain, Germany … but some steps can not now enjoy. However, many are the customers lamenting for a delay in delivery.

Several events can be responsible for it: sudden changes in the weather, a problem on the shipper’s side, or a blockage at the customs.

“I ordered on September 22 a product marked in stock with delivery 6 or 7 working days (Debonix) on October 5th my order is still not shipped”

On the other hand, other customers find all their happiness by being delivered in time, as planned.

“The garden equipment I got was priced more attractively than in the store, and delivered on time. I really recommend this site to all the do-it-yourselfers. “

Final advice : should you buy on Manomano ?

Manomano is an ultra complete site, it collaborates today with a thousand sellers of high-end brands. It is easy to use, and payment is secure.

Benefits and advantages of buying on

But the service is not unanimous for reasons that do not even depend on the site, but sellers