Manomano reviews : Is it reliable ? Consumer feedback !

✅ Benefits:

  • Wide variety of products
  • Thousands of brands
  • Efficient and user-friendly
  • Secure payment
  • Reactive customer service

⛔️ Disadvantages:

  • Late deliveries during sales and special event (Spring Sales, Christmas, …)
  • Shipping costs may be high for heavy products

You might have heard about ManoMano – a typical site selling not just typical things. They defined themselves as the one stop shop for all things DIY & garden without having to move from your sofa. Basically, ManoMano works as the bridge between you the consumer and the sellers that are listed their cool products on the site. By that you’d be guaranteed that your money is kept safe until the products are well delivered right to you without any hassles. Manomano is a global platform site like Amazon or Aliexpress, but the products on sale are exclusively DIY materials, decoration, gardening. As it hosts sellers and shops to sell on you can find a large range of products.

manomano review for united kingdom

Rates are affordable in this marketplace. The basic principle is to facilitate your projects of design, home customization, homemade do-it-yourself works and deco consumers. The site has selected the most sought after and most useful products from high-end brands. Home improvement will be fun when you can do it whatsoever your own way conveniently with trustworthy products. More than 250 top-notch providers ensure the right quality of their products, not to mention all the after sales support you’ll get in just one call. One of the points I enjoy most when buying from those start up companies is that they’ll do anything to earn your satisfaction – for their nice image. ManoMano is right on that: they focus on customer experience through offering valuable advice and great customer care service that show you an enjoyable significant difference compared to other regular sites like Amazon.

Manomano overview : how to buy on ?

The site has a user friendly interface with modern design and clear categories. The products are classified into 4 main categories: Flooring, painting and decorating; Tools; Heating and Plumbing; Garden and outdoor. Either you know exactly which product you want to find, or you prefer surfing around, the site’s design and functions allows you to experience it easily.

wild category of products for tools of garden and outdoor house

To buy on Manomano, the steps are a breeze:

The products on sale are classified under several categories: garden and pool, tools, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, plumbing, sanitary, heating, electricity, lighting, flooring and wall, hardware, building materials and pet shop.

Top sales products about diy to find on manomano

To search for a product, you can click on the corresponding category, or enter a keyword in the search bar. You still have subcategories, for example, in the Garden and Pool category, you have garden furniture and games to see the hammocks and umbrellas.

“I call the delivery company to choose the right schedule for delivery. They arrived on time to give me my order : bath. After reviewing everything, the product was conform to the picture and the packet contains these 5 feet of adjustment. Now, it has been a week, and this bath is pretty good for my children because for the size that I selected (170 cm x 70 cm) the bottom of the bath remains narrow.”, Diana – Feedback of consumer about Manomano

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How to get the best ideas about DIY project through Manomano

Not only offering products, ManoMano builds communities where you can get handy advice in different social channels such as blogs, Youtube, Twitters, or Facebook. They’ll save you from getting stuck with ideas and implementation. Plus, it’s a fun way to get your kids excited before actually going to do something.

manomano youtube and facebook : blog to teach people skills

  1. Youtube channel:
    It’s crucial and effective to provide tips and demonstrate ideas through videos with actual interactive process. ManoMano makes our lives easier with channels in 5 different languages: you’ll get the best of their advice to make the best of your projects. Either follow exactly their tutorials to make something cool, or combine tips and tricks to create your own product, you’ll have so much fun doing it while learning new skills. Check out their Youtube channel here.
  2. Facebook & Twitter community:
    These communities are where ideas are exchanged and shared. You get to interact and learn from other parents (and non-parents) about their cool initiatives or experience on real DIY projects. They’re non experts so communicating with them is a good way to get hand on experience. And of course, you’ll have ManoMano people answering your questions directly too!
  3. Blog: The Handy Mano:
    This is by far my most favorite channel to steal ideas from. Unlike Youtube videos that have good inspiration, each blog post gives you a specific description of the project and a very detailed preparation with pictures to turn it into something real. You won’t easily get lost!

What will your kids like on ?

Let’s figure out some basic things you and your kids can do together:

play outdoor for children fresh air and fun with manomano : games and activities

  • Painting:
    Remember how you loved painting in your childhood? All kids are the same! Giving them this experience by involving them when you paint your house or whatever is safe. Just give them some instructions and show them how you do it, they’ll try to mimic you with the hope to do the same.
  • Sanding:
    Sanding wood requires time but not difficult to do. You can explain to your kids the importance of sanding while showing them how to do it. Sandpaper is cheap and easy to use. The only thing you need to be careful is to ask them wear protective gloves while playing with the wood.
  • Hammer and Nail:
    The idea of kids using heavy hammer to hammer sharp nails into a wall sounds not quite right, but with the right instructions and materials, your kids would have fun doing the adult task. You can choose short nails for beginners such as Galvanised felt nails. Instead of wood which is too hard, rigid foam insulation is much softer so the nails are likely to get in with one go.
  • Sawing:
    Using a saw the right way requires right techniques and focus. Your instructions to your kids must include gripping the handle of the saw so that the hand stays away from the sharp edges as far as possible. Other than that, your kids will enjoy the first difficult mission when cutting the wood in a straight line.

Buy on Manomano and find the best deals

Reviews about the quality of the products available on Manomano

ManoMano helps link consumers and suppliers together. That means they do not have stocks in house or sell their own products. You’ll buy from the listed prestigious brands on the site and be ensured about the quality directly from the suppliers.

Trustpilot reviews about manomano for consumer share and feedback after buying

ManoMano did great when it comes to selecting partners based on their product quality and reliability. The consumers will not only get customer care from ManoMano itself, but from those reputative brands of the products they bought.

Manomano delivery fees for shipping in United Kingdom

Since the delivery is not done by ManoMano but directly by the sellers, the delivery time might vary. Some consumers have encountered problems when they received their orders few days later than expected, or got the wrong items. Those are the odds of the business when ManoMano does not have the full control of the delivery part, yet they effectively make it up with the great customer service when the problems are acknowledge.

Testimonials, reviews and feedback of customers about manomano

If you want to follow your orders and see where your products will arrive, you can log on your ManoMano account or reach our the customer services directly. As they are rated as the Amazon of DIY, they have been investing a lot in building an efficient and consumer satisfied delivery service.

You must also take into account the shipping costs that you can see on the site, in Delivery of your purchases. The delivery method may also affect the delivery charge. Existing modes are:

  • Standard
  • Express
  • Relay point

If you ordered several products of different brands, the shippers are different, which also delays the delivery and affects the delivery costs.

Here’s what users think:

“Shipping costs were double because I ordered two products from different suppliers. But still less expensive that in the supermarket !”

“Delivery on time, affordable fees, I recommend”.

What about the consumer satisfaction : is there any follow-up by Manomano ?

Besides some normal benefits such as minimum 2 years warranty by the sellers, you might also return your products if you find unsuitable under some conditions. As mentioned above, ManoMano customer service team is always at reach when you spot any problems after receiving the products, or even getting advise before you buy.ManoMano is an open marketplace where different marchants promote their products. Sometimes you will find products listed with discounted price or good offers.

The Manomano customer has the right to return a product under certain conditions. The reason must first be valid, the withdrawal, the receipt of defective product or not in accordance with the description, the receipt of incomplete product.

He is also entitled to a minimum guarantee of 2 years on each product. It should be noted that if the product is defective, the problem must not have been created by the user himself.

brands tools diy products available in manomano england

As for the non-compliant product, it concerns the size, the color, the number, the operations. If you notice any problems on reception or disappointment during use, you can immediately contact the customer service who will put you in contact with the seller. Some sellers offer after-sales service. This mano mano customer services is one of the key advantage of using Manomano to buy online : you are covered by the customer support and can contact any time their staff if you need any assistance before or after your purchase.

As Manomano is an open marketplace for sellers, you will have many manomano marchand that use their website to promote their products. There are no incentive as discount code but they are used to sell some products with a discounted price or good offers. So have a look and you may see products you want to buy for yourself or your family.

Are payments on safe ?

You’re entitled to several payment methods on Manomano: credit & debit card and bank transfer. The site has good secure payment facility which is responsible for keeping your money safe until you receive your orders.

If you need any assistance during your purchase or have any question, feel free to use mano mano telephone number 01766 808005, chat or e-mail to reach out their customer services team.

Delivery and process of shipping if you order through Manomano

As the shipping and delivery are done by the sellers, delivery times are random. Nevertheless, the site imposes a standard delivery period in order not to disappoint the customers.

The products can be delivered in England, France, Spain, Germany … but some steps can not now enjoy. However, many are the customers lamenting for a delay in delivery.

Several events can be responsible for it: sudden changes in the weather, a problem on the shipper’s side, or a blockage at the customs.

“I ordered on September 22 a product marked in stock with delivery 6 or 7 working days (Debonix) on October 5th my order is still not shipped”

On the other hand, other customers find all their happiness by being delivered in time, as planned.

“The garden equipment I got was priced more attractively than in the store, and delivered on time. I really recommend this site to all the do-it-yourselfers. “

If you want to follow your orders and see where your products will arrive at home, you can log on your account or reach our the customer services if you have any question. As their are rated as the Amazon of DIY, Mano mano invest a lot in building efficient and delivery service.

Final advice : should you buy on Manomano ?

By comparing the pros and cons, you can make the purchase decision based on your primary interests.

Although ManoMano is an elite in DIY startup, there are still improvements that need to be done in delivery control and shipping fee. When a consumer has to wait longer than promised to get their products, the excitement and impression for the product and the site might drop in half despite other good service they have got. This is one of the keys to build up the brand image.

I find it very easy to list the benefits a consumer can get from ManoMano. You’ll have a nice shopping experience with a wide range of products with thousands of reliable brands. The site has a modern interface, great customer service and communities to share ideas. It might very likely be the next Amazon for DIY projects.

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